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December 20, 2010 / Baker by Night

PPQ: Rocket Rolls

Today, as the smell of homemade bread filled my house, I had a realization. I realized just how much of my life is influenced by my sense of smell. Smells can tell me the day of the week or what season it is. For instance, the smell of toast and bacon let me know it’s Sunday morning. The scent of freshly cut grass and newly paved roads tells me it’s summer time. Cinnamon and apples indicate that it’s time to pull out the sweaters. I also realized that scents are the strongest triggers of my memories. When I want to remember my trip to Israel, all I have to do is smell my passion fruit lip balm. The smell of patchouli and vanilla remind me of my first date with the hubby, and the smell of tea roses remind me of my Grandma. Well today, I realized that the smell of homemade bread makes me feel comforted and at home, and I like that feeling. I either need to make a bread scented candle or just make these rolls more often. (I think making the rolls would be a bit easier, I’m just saying…)

I have really grown to love PPQ Sunday’s, they take me outside of my comfort zone a little and I am always happy with the result. Since this is only the second time that I have made bread, I was still a little nervous. However, I’m starting to learn that bread really isn’t that hard to make, and it makes the house smell amazing so the hard work done by the stand mixer is truly worth it. The only things that I changed were that I put an egg wash on the rolls before baking, and I sprinkled the tops with poppy seeds and sesame seeds. The rolls were so fluffy and soft with just a hint of sweetness. I made the smaller rolls for smaller sandwiches or sliders.

Check out the recipe here, and see how the other members fared here.



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  1. Shawnda / Dec 20 2010 4:13 pm

    Totally agree, homemade bread is *so* worth it! Your rolls look lovely!

  2. Jerry Kaufman / Dec 24 2010 5:49 pm

    They look scrumptious.

    You’re right about the smell of bread. Real estate agents have always told me that the smell of baking bread makes prospective buyers feel at home.

  3. Sandra Collazos "Canelo" / Dec 27 2010 11:26 pm

    You are right, the sense of smell is the most direct connection the soul has with the outside world. the smell of a newborn baby; the sad smell of inhabited houses, the joyous smell of pine trees and, of course, the comforting smell of bread. That recipe looks worth trying.

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