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January 17, 2011 / Baker by Night

PPQ: Peach Jam Scones

Ever wonder what goes on in a blogger’s head? Well I can’t speak for all food bloggers out there, but  here is a peek into the ramblings in my head during preparation for and making of these delicious scones.

1/9/11 – “Oh no! I missed another PPQ blog! That’s 2 in a row. And I really wanted to make those lemon tarts. Ever since I bought the cookbook I’ve wanted to make those tarts. It’s ok, I’ll make them tomorrow and just post a day late. What’s next week’s challenge? Wild card. Awesome! Better start looking in the cookbook to see what I’m going to make. Must stop thinking about blog, must go to sleep, first day back to school is tomorrow”

1/15/11 – “Ack! PPQ is tomorrow!! I forgot to find a recipe! (Grabs cookbook and frantically looks through for a recipe in which a trip to the store is not required) Aha!! Triple-threat chocolate chip cookies! I will make these! They look decadent! (Checks with hubby) Yes! Tasty chocolate cookies it is! (Checks PPQ blog site to make sure I am getting this wild card thing right.) Wait, what is this? Make something I didn’t make before that everyone else did? Oh no! Ok, find something everyone else made that I didn’t (Searches through book) Peach jam scones. Perfect. I will make peach jam scones. Tomorrow…”

1/16/11 – “Yay!! Day with the hubby!! I am so excited! I’ll make the scones tomorrow and blog them tomorrow. I have the day off, it will be ok. No, I must make them today, I am going to get excommunicated from my group. Ok, I will spend the day with the hubby and just stop at the store on the way home and make them tonight! I need buttermilk, frozen peaches, and peach jam. That’s not hard to remember. It’s just 3 things. This will be perfect! I can go out and still blog! (Spends day out, goes to store, comes home, starts to make scones) Yipes! I forgot the peach jam! It’s ok, I have apricot, apricot will work, right? (Moments later) The dough is so sticky, why is the dough so sticky? Is the dough supposed to be this sticky? It says I can add more buttermilk if I need to, why would I need more buttermilk? Oh my gosh, did I miscalculate when I halved the recipe? (Recalculates recipe) No, I’m ok. Maybe its just sticky, oh well, I’ll still blog it if they taste gross. (Puts scones in oven, 10 minutes later) Is that golden brown? I mean there’s a little golden brown on top of the scone, but not a lot. What does golden brown mean? Does it need more time? Is it supposed to be golden brown all over? (reads recipe again, puts scones back in oven for 2 minutes) Ok, now this is golden brown. Yes, golden brown. Right? They are done, right? Oh no, I’m going to burn them… One more minute? Maybe one more minute, if they burn I can scrape off the burnt part before I take a picture. Picture? Eek! It’s 7pm! There’s no natural light and my light box hasn’t arrived yet! Maybe I will take a picture and post tomorrow. No, I must post tonight, better have a bad picture than none at all. Scones, oh right, my scones. (Puts scones back in oven for 1 minute) Ok, now I understand. This is really golden brown. More time? Hmm… no! Take them out. And eat them. Yummmmmm. Ouch! Burned my tongue. Yummmm. Ouch! Yummmmm.

Check out the recipe for Peach Jam Scones here. And see what recipes the other bloggers did here. Oh, and be sure to stay tuned till next week’s challenge – Triple-threat chocolate chip cookies! (The very ones I almost made today!)



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  1. Ana / Jan 17 2011 4:30 pm

    Oh Aliza, you;re so funny! It was like being in your head for a few minutes. BTW, I NEED some of those scones. That’s right… NEED

  2. Amy / Jan 19 2011 5:08 pm

    Mmmm. . . peach scones sound delicious! That is a lot like what goes through my head. I love blogging but sometimes it is like a job because some people check in every now and then and need to be entertained. So I think like that all the time. “Well, I’m too tired tonight so I’ll make it tomorrow night. But if I don’t make it tomorrow night than my readers will have waited 5 days without a post. Crud!”

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